About Aging Altermatives

Aging Alternatives, LLC is an organization whose primary focus is upholding the dignity and respect of those challenged by dementia.

Rebecca Grindle, Karen Abmayer and Traci Brown came together in November of 2017 to bring a personalized care approach to the Pittsburgh area  for persons confronting Alzheimer's Dementia.

Our Vision

We provide our residents with as much independence and comfort as possible, while delivering quality individualized care in a private residential setting.  We provide a patient-centered care experience which includes personalized mental and physical stimulation.

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Our Mission

To uphold the dignity, respect and comfort of those afflicted with dementia through providing comfortable, safe, research-based, medically sound treatments within a home environment.

Our Management

Rebecca Grindle is the Owner/President responsible for overall management and business planning for Dignified Elderly Care.  Rebecca has many years of highly effective management experience within both small and corporate businesses. Additionally, she is an owner-operator of a thriving franchise business.

Karen Abmayer and Traci Brown are the Owner/Vice Presidents of Dignified Elderly Care.  Karen is responsible for management of our on-site care teams.  Traci oversees all medication and inventory supplies across the organization, as well as managing resident family support.

Traci Brown has over 30 years experience working in pharmaceuticals.  She has served on treatment teams for persons with critical illnesses, dementia, and those with addictions.  She cares deeply for the people she serves and relishes the provision of high quality, person-centered care.

Additionally, Traci is Owner/Operator of a highly successful franchise business serving over 1,000 clients.  In this business, children and families are served and each person is vitally important to her.  Traci’s roles in that business include human resources and inventory management and control.

Traci is a “people-person” and has great insight and sensitivity toward the populations she serves.  She especially values the role of family and supportive roles that family members can play.  She understands that the patient with Alzheimer’s is not the only person involved in and affected by the disease; family members are impacted as well.

Karen Abmayer has over 15 years’ experience managing a pharmacy benefit  program for mental health medications for individuals and families.  She coordinates care across 9 clinics as well as services within a large institutional setting.

Karen’s desire to bring the Aging Alternatives franchise to Pittsburgh is rooted in the experience she had as her mother suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Karen was the primary caregiver for her mother as she progressed through the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease over 9 years.  This has given Karen a very keen perception of what patients with dementia and their families need, and the care they deserve.  The experience also provided Karen with knowledge of the facilities and services available in Pittsburgh as well as those that are unavailable.  She is looking forward to the opportunity to redesign the blueprint for caring for people with dementia in the Pittsburgh area.  Assuming a leadership position at Dignified Elderly Care gives her the chance to create a treatment program within a home atmosphere as she would have wanted for her mother.

At Aging Alternatives we provide a resident centered care approach following the Eden Alternative philosophy. This approach establishes a calming and comfortable environment for all of our residents.  Our team is devoted to providing a facility that provides Dignified care for individuals with late-stage dementia.